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The Action Range Is Open Again!

Primary access to new firing line

North slope steps and warning sign


The New Firing line

The new firing line


Thanks to the efforts of 10 volunteers, the Action Range is open again!  The following tasks were completed:

    • The firing line berm was graveled on both sides, as was the access road into the action range
    • Steps were built on the north slope and east end
    • Firing lane posts were installed
    • Shooting benches were positioned on the firing line
    • The parking area was graveled, graded, and marked off
    • Signs were installed

These changes and improvements are intended to prevent bullets from the Action Range from impacting in the rifle range.  Note that the Action Range must go to yellow when the black and yellow checkered flag is flying, as people are down past the 200 yard berm, working on targets.

The Action Range now has the following features:

    • Graveled firining providing level or slightly downward shooting
    • 40 yard impact berm
    • 80 yard impact berm
    • Safety Area

The 40 yard impact berm has the following features:

    • Two shooting benches
    • Target frame with backing
    • Shooting lane markers

40 yard impact berm firing lane

All shooting from the firing line to the 40 yard berm must be between these markers and the side berm


The 80 yard berm has these features:

    • Three shooting benches
    • Left and right firing lane markers
    • Steel stand for targets
    • AR500 steel disk, 6 inch diameter
    • No target frames have been installed as yet, but club members may use the portable target frames and backing from the pistol bays, provided those are placed at the base of the berm.

80yd impact berm Lane Posts

Left and right markers for the 80 yard berm

The rules for this range now includes:

    • No cross shooting between 40 and 80 yard berms.  Shoot within the firing lanes.
    • Within the firing lanes, shoot directly at the berm.
    • All targets must be at the base of the berms, between 2 to 4 feet off the ground.  No targets are allowed between the berms and firing lines.

The Action Range still needs the 80 yard berm moved further to the south, and extended around the east side, to fully enclose it.  A separate shooting area will eventually be set up on the east side of the Cook Shack.  Until suitable construction equipment can located for that work, the Action Range will remain open.

Work photos:

Building new steps on the east end.

Securing the east steps


Building steps on the north slope

Buidling the north slope steps


Moving timbers

Moving timbers into position


Professional Consultations In Progress

Professional consultations in progress


Randy Is Supervising

Competent supervision is a must for any successful project!



Earlier improvements:

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