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More work on the Action Range!  Our biggest problem is getting suitable earth moving equipment -- the club can't afford to rent any at this time.  But there would be none at all if the club had not purchased the new tractor.  The latest effort comes to us thanks to Randy Kerby:

Action Range Firing Line -- looking at the cook shack


And from the other direction:

Action Range Firing Line, from the other end


More gravel is needed on the slopes, and then the firing positions will be established.

And in another of the range:  Poles and trees!

Property line Poles Painted!

Our lease agreement requires that this particular property line have these boundary markers to clearly mark where the range starts.  The club mows the entire area, back to the rental home, as part of the lease, but our operations stop here. 

(We are also required to post warning signs around the rest of the range; that small sign to the right of the poles is what will be installed sometime this fall.)

And in other parts of the range, we now have ... ... TREES!

An Austrian Pine in its not-so-native habitat, struggling gamely to survive in order to provide noise abatement.


The conditional use permit requires trees along the northern boundary for noise abatement.  After much research, the Austrian Pine was selected as the tree of choice.  These grow well in this area, but require watering for 2 years.  An irrigation system will be installed for this purpose.  For the time being, the trees will be watered manually.

The First Planting!


It's difficult to see, but there are two rows, with the trees planted 10 feet apart.  The rows are 5 feet apart, and staggered, for maximum coverage.  This is the first planting; more will be planted along the Archery Range.

Johnny Appleseed and his able assistant!

Tree planting planned and coordinated by Bob Fulgham!  Helping with this planting were Steve Anderson, Randy Kerby, and Jeff Stidham


Earlier improvements:

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