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More work on the Action Range!  Our biggest problem is getting suitable earth moving equipment -- the club can't afford to rent any at this time.  So both of the tractors are being used, hence the slow progress.  But there would be none at all if the club had not purchased the new tractor.

Bob and Steve working on the Action Range

The tractors in action, driven by Bob Fulgham nd Steve Anderson!  Photo courtesy of Jim Hartford.

One tractor is discing the Action Range, while the new tractor is scooping up the loose dirt, and building up a berm on the new firing line, as seen below. 

Bpb Fulgham building up the firing line

Bob  enjoys a cool(er) day in a very dusty environment.  Photo courtesy of Jim Hartford.

 The new firing line will be about 3 feet above the old one.  It's not immediately obvious, but the Action Range is about 6 feet higher at the berm than in the parking area.  The preferred layout has the shooter aiming slightly downward.  The new firing line will drop that difference to about 3 feet.  If and when the impact berm is moved, the ground will be dug out, and the slope changed to a downward angle.  That is not feasible with the new tractor -- a large loader or small dozer is what is needed.

The Work At The End Of The Day

The current state of the new firing line.

The final layout will have a gravel top, with a road next to the cook shack.  If you're wondering about drainage, the new firing line is intended to catch run off.  Some will drain into the ground, but a ditch will be dug to the left side of the range.  This is intended to minimize the run off through the pistol bays, a long standing problem.

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