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Thursday, March 19th:

Work has been proceeding nicely on the rifle range!  All berms have been widen, raised, and in general, made safer.  Shaping the soil into suitable berms is continuing.  New targets are being installed.  

Work may continune into March 20th.  Please be patient -- this will be a major improvement in operations AND safety.

Looking at the entire range:

The range

 The grader blades to replace the railroad tracks:

Grader Blades

A close look at one of the new metal target stands, awaiting being pounded on:

New target stands

 The 50 yard berm, finished:

50 yd berm1

 A close up of the 50 yard berm, and an example of what's planned for the other berms:

50 yd berm2

 The 100 yard berm, including side walls to catch ricochets.  No targets have been installed as yet:

100 yd Berm

 The 200 yard berm, under construction.  A bucket loader from Humberts is expected later today to help.

200 yd berm1

 The 300 yard berm, partially completed:

300 yd berm1

 The target stands on the 400 yard berm:

400 yd berm1 

A close up of the 400 yard targets, less the frame:

400 yd berm2 

The 500 yard berm, completed

500 yd berm

 The 600 yard berm, still needing a lot of shaping:

600 yd berm

 The 700 yard berm, ditto:

700 yd berm

The 800 berm, partially done: 

800 yd berm

 A firebreak -- it's just not earthwork going on downrange!


 All this, thanks to the volunteers!



Other Volunteer


Bob and Steve

Earlier improvements:


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