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Tuesday, March 17th:

Thanks to Bob Fulgham and Charlie Danforth, all of the impact berms (except the 25 and 500 yard) on the rifle range have more soil!  The fill comes courtesy of Central Washington Asphalt.  However, most of the fill still needs shaping, and that will continue into March 18th.

Here are "before" and "after" photos of one berm:

Berm before

Berm after


Trucks hauling and place fill on the rifle range:

Truck haul

Trucks on range

Bob Fulgham on the tractor, shaping the berms:

Tractor work

And while the range was shut down for the berm improvements, Steve Anderson was discing the firebreak, ahead of fire season.


Bob Fulgham and Charlie Danforth discuss dirt, and where to put it .....

Bob and Charlie

Friday, March 13th:

New steel targets and mounting posts for the rifle range were picked up last week from D-M Targets in west Richland, and installed on Friday the 13th by an all-volunteer crew.

At the same time, the crew removed unneeded and dangerous railroad track, and improved the impact berms as much as possible.  The crew consisted of Bruce Webb on the new tractor, Paul Stevens, Ron Fastrup, Kirk Jameson, Dan Halstrom, and Charlie Danforth.  The work went from 8 AM to 1 PM, with 4 shooters waiting to test the new targets.

The total cost is $1,250 for 1 target on the 50 yard berm; 2 on the 100 yd; and 1 target on each of the other 6 berms.  

Plans are being made for the delivery of soil to improve the rifle impact berms beginning on Tuesday, March 17th.  The duration of the project is not known, so please check the website and Facebook.  Both the rifle and action ranges will be closed

This is separate from the hatchery project dirt for expanding the Action Range.  Club President and Chief Range Safety Officer Bob Fulgham believes that the impacts berms require this work.  This particular project was organized by Charlie Danforth, and the fill is being donated by Ron Jones of Central Washington Asphalt.  There is no cost for the delivery. 

(Sorry, no photos as yet!)

Earlier improvements:


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