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Sunday, March 1st:

Steve Anderson, Deven DeSalvo and Bob Fulgham filled a 30 yard dumpster with debris, garbage,and junk from around the range.   Depending on the costs, there may be more filled dumpsters.  If you like the idea of fewer piles around the range, thank Steve, Deven and Bob!

Saturday, February 29th:

Following on the range work from Friday, February 28th, Steve Anderson, Bruce Webb, Paul Stephens, Charile Danforth, and Bob Fulgham came in on Saturday to continue the effort.  Most of this centered on the Action Range and the old falling plate bays.

IMG 1511

The old falling plate bays have been torn down, prior to the planned berm work.


IMG 1512

This is the footprint of the planned berm, looking downrange.  

The current impact berm will be moved downrange, after the new berm is finished.


IMG 1514 a

Looking back along the berm, towards the future firing line.  The stakes are the inside toe of the berm.  

The cook shack will be moved back, as will the current Action Range firing line.


IMG 1515

Material moved from the footprint of the planned berm.  This will either be thrown away, or moved to another part of the range.

Friday, February 28th:

This saw a lot of work done on the rifle and action ranges.  Multiple targets were repairs, especially on the 500 yard berm, where the frame had fallen due to the wind.  The targets on the 600, 700, and 800 yard berms were repaired and readied for shooters this spring!

Other work included spraying for weeds on the rifle, action, and shotgun ranges, and cleaning equipment and material from the action range before berm work can begin.

Thanks to the volunteers who helped:  Bruce Webb, Jim Hartfield, Dan Holstrom, Steve Anderson, Bob Fulgham, Jeff Stidham, and Charlie Danforth!

IMG 1504

500 yard berm:  The impact area was dug out, and the targets lowered on the supports to give more berm above the targets.  The earthwork was completed using the new tractor.

IMG 1505

The back side of the 500 yard berm.  The slope reduces erosion and makes mowing much easier.


IMG 1506

The targets were lowered on the 600 yard berm to provide more impact area above them.


IMG 1507The 700 yard berm, with lowered targets.


IMG 1508

And the 800 yard berm, again with lowered targets.

Earlier improvements:


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