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Friday, March 20th:

Work is nearly complete on the rifle range!  All berms will be widened, raised, and in general, made safer..  New steel targets and target frames will be installed by the end of today.

The rifle and action range will be open for general use on Saturday, March 21st.  

Minor work is still needed, such as seeding the raw soil.  NOTE:  The grass in front of the 800 berm will be mowed to improve the line-of-sight to the steel target.

Installing target frames on the 200 yard berm:

200yd Installing targetsupports

Shaping the back side of the 300 yard berm.  The bulldozer is courtesy of Humberts.  

300yd Back

The 400 yard berm.

400yd front

The 600 yard berm.

600yd completed

The 700 yard berm.


The 800 yard berm.


The steel target on the 800 yard berm:

800yd Steel01  800yd steel02

Parts of the fire breaks now disced around and across the range:

Firebreak1  Firebreak2 800yd   Firebrak3 800yd

Earlier improvements:


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