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Rifle Range Safety Improvements

The rifle range now has definite firing and safety lines for shooters. 

Firing line

The firing line has been moved from the front edge of the benches, and is now at the red line. Keep your muzzles close to the line, with no shooting in front of it; this includes supporting a firearm on the posts.

Safety line

This is the safety line. All spectators are to remain behind the line when the red flag is up. Instructors, coaches, and spotters are not considered spectators.

When the yellow flag is up, anyone not moving downrange to work on targets will remain behind the yellow line. No handlng of firearms is permitted, but you may police spent brass for reloading.

Muzzle Break Zero Bench

Both lines extend down to the zero bench for muzzle break equipped rifles.

Some of the work needed for this is in the following photographs:



Progress2 with Steve





Andy cleaning pipes


Bob gravel


Dan on tractor